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Squid.conf file

Squid.conf file

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All Squid proxy server settings are made in the /etc/squid/ file. To start Squid for the first time, no changes are necessary in this file, but external clients. The file defines the configuration for squid. The configuration includes (but not limited to)  Do you have a - Squid and http-gw from the. Recommended minimum configuration: #. # Example rule allowing access from your local networks. # Adapt to list your (internal) IP networks from where.

With some minor modification to the file we have defined above to run in httpd-accelerator mode, we can run Squid as a proxy-caching server. With a. This is the default Squid configuration file. You may wish. # to look at the Squid home page ( # for the FAQ and other documentation . To configure Squid, adjust the directives in the configuration file. Squid is normally configured according to the requirements of a given network using the.

Squid is configured by editing the directives contained within the /etc/squid/squid. conf configuration file. The following examples illustrate some of the directives. Your Squid configuration file /etc/squid3/ should now look like the following (please note you might need to first follow the HTTPS Filtering article). Before trying to start Squid, you should verify that your file makes sense. This is easy to do. Just run the following command: % squid -k parse. 4 Oct What is the best practice for the squid config file. Do you run the sample config file with + lines of documentation or do you create a much. For example, # # include /path/to/included/file/ # # Includes can be nested up to a hard-coded depth of 16 levels. # This arbitrary restriction is to.

How about sed: sed '/^#/d' /etc/squid/ The original file will be saved as /etc/squid/ If you don't want to save the original file, use. If you do not have the option present in your configuration file, add it! http_port - Sets the port that Squid binds to on your local. I am new to Astaro, I was looking for the location of the squid config file, Can someone please point me in the right direction as I haven't been able to find it. 31 Jul Change the config file. Edit /etc/squid/ There are lots of things to change here in many places, so listed here are the lines to search.


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